Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fry Dummy

David's uncle recently gave us a ton of catfish he caught on a recent fishing trip.  I was stoked; I could try my hand at frying something...but, I had to first purchase a fry daddy.
Just a small one for now, just until I figured this whole thing out.

So I bought the catfish batter and even a package to make hush puppies.  We felt so confident in my frying abilities, we even invited our friends Kathryn and Phil over to try it.

And, it was a hit.  I had immediately surged to the top of the cooking chain with my newly acquired skill of frying stuff.

So I tried it again this weekend.  But this time, I did fried chicken legs and okra.

Again, a hit. 

But the fry daddy was awfully dirty after, so I left it in the sink to soak; careful not to get it's electrical bits all wet.

But then, David did the dishes last night...

I woke up this morning and noticed an empty sink.

Oh no.

I quickly glanced at the dishwasher.  The red "clean" light was on.

I opened the dishwasher.

And there was my fry daddy.  On the top rack.  Dripping wet.

Apparently, my husband had no prior knowledge of electrical equipment not being submerged in water.

I woke him at 7am this morning to ask him what in the hell he was thinking putting my fry daddy in the dishwasher??

His response...

"I didn't put the cord in."

1 comment:

Ashley said...

OH NO! I'm sorry. I guess he'll hvae to purchase a new fry daddy for you and be trained on proper handling of this device.
If it makes you feel any better, it sounds exactly like something my husband would do!