Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Some of you may already be well aware of what has occurred in the last few days regarding our white trash neighbors.

Last weekend, David came home from work very excited.  He noticed the neighbors looked as though they were moving out.  Mattresses were piled on top of a car and more crap than usual was strewn across their yard. 

But we've witnessed this type of behavior before, so we didn't want to get too ahead of ourselves here...

Monday morning, I noticed an article in the Stillwater Newspress about a guy driving a pick up had struck and killed a toddler in the middle of a neighborhood street.  Apparently, it happened that Sunday evening, after 8pm, with no parents around anywhere.  Several witnesses mentioned how the child had routinely played in the road by herself.

I thought to myself, "sounds like something those neighbors would do..."

Turns out, it WAS my neighbors.

Apparently, they had moved to a nearby trailer park in Stillwater that weekend after being evicted from the home next to mine.  And obviously, picked their behavior right up where they had left off.  Leaving their children to roam freely, without any regard to their safety.

And unfortunely, paid the ultimate price for their laziness.

The remaining neighbors around me have all come together to act as witnesses to their prior behavior of negligence so that this 25 year old kid that hit the child is not held legally responsible for her death.  He will live with that for the rest of his life, and it has been determined at this point that he was not under the influence nor using an electronic device at the time of the accident. 

Due to the child's death, the family has not been back to the house to complete their moving out process.

And left their kitten on the front porch.

David noticed last Thursday the tiny thing attempting to walk across the yard.  And then collapse.

Since losing Tatumbell, David has become an advocate for kitties that need help.  And so he took food and water over to it. 

And then fell in love with it.

We spent that evening coercing it on to our porch instead of the neighbors, and before we knew it, we had a porch kitty.

It's still pretty tiny, and already in the few days we've been feeding it, have noticed it has put on weight and added a ton of energy.

It's (hey, I can't yet tell what gender it is...we're going to the vet this week, so we'll know eventually!) black and orange, so of course, it needs an OSU name.

So without further ado...this is Des (after Desmond Mason)...
and if the little booger would sit still long enough, I'd have more pictures...!  So hopefully, I can get some more soon :)

So far, it's a good little kitty.  (Allie's not all that thrilled, but she'll get over it).  It knows how to use the litter box, eats really well now, and just sleeps whenever we aren't around. 

And is extremely loving. 

And I think more than a little grateful to David.


Ashley said...

Oh, my. How heartbreaking about that poor child that was killed. That tears me apart. I'm glad you are rallying to help the 25-year old that hit the child, but that is so very sad. The child ultimately paid the price for the parental negligence. Devastating.

And I like your pretty kitty. Yeah, David. Does that make up for the Fry Daddy?

The Mills Gang said...

You are a good kitty Momma! Still heart broken for that innocent little child. :(