Tuesday, September 28, 2010

21 or 31 years old?

When am I supposed to be an adult?

And at what point am I considered one?  Should I not be by now?

I am 31 years old, have one Masters degree, have a full-time job, own a home, married...

But I don't FEEL like an adult.

But I don't FEEL all that young anymore either.

Why I get confused that I am not again 21 years old:

• I don't have the energy to make it through an entire day without attempting a nap at some point...I did that in college too.

• With David and I both in school again, and living off of my paycheck and scholarships, I am constantly worried about our finances...also did that in college.

• Between class work, research projects, my real job, Phi Mu stuff, I have very little free time...again, very reminiscent of my undergraduate years...

• I live in a college town...in fact, the very same college town I went to college in...

• and because I live in a college town, anytime I order a drink at dinner or buy beer for a tailgate, I get carded.

• I find myself feeling out of style or fashion when surrounded by these tiny little college girls.  All my insecurities from when I was younger sometimes resurface.

How I know I am not 21 years old again:

• Those naps I want to take?  If I don't get one, I am in bed by 9pm.  In college, I would have just been cranky for a little while.

• In college, no one really had any money, so it wasn't a big deal if you were broke.  I shouldn't be now, right??

• I HATE getting carded.  I mean really, I am 10 years over the age limit, there is no way I look 21 years old, regardless of how much I want to believe that I actually do.

• I am so annoyed with what the college kids wear these days.  They look ridiculous. 

• We didn't really use the Internet in college.  Whoa, to write that out was a little scary...

• The girls going through recruitment this year were born in 1992.  I was 13 years old then and had already met some of the friends I still have now.  I.am.old.

• I used to love the bar scene.  Now I just want to sit on a back porch or at my tailgate with close friends and drink beer.  Wait in line to get in or get a beer?  Hell no.

Despite the lack of free time, money and fashion sense, I am happier now than I have been, possibly ever, in my life. 

And maybe that's how I know I am an adult now.

I am comfortable, content and all around pleased with this life I have somehow created for myself.

So I guess I really am a grown-up, huh?

But now I have to get back to studying for my management class, do some homework and then go work out at the Colvin Center later.

No, that's how I know I am older.

Pretty sure I barely went to the Colvin Center to do anything other than watch other people play basketball when I was in college...now, I gotta keep up with these youngsters...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Des and Baxter

Des found Baxter's bed.  Baxter let Des have the bed.  For a little while.
But then he wanted it back.
"Are you sure you don't want to let me back in there?"
"No?  Ya sure?"
"Fine...I can wait this out."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thanks hubs.

This post is specifically to thank my wonderful husband.

I came down with some god-awful stomach virus Monday.  At one point, my temperature spiked at 102.9.  David skipped his Monday afternoon class to take me to the doctor.

The doctor's visit proved nothing (it was Voodoo on campus, what did I expect...), and I was told to just drink plenty of fluids and take Tylenol to get the fever down.

Oh, but then early Tuesday morning happened.  And my stomach decided to turn on me.  Literally.

I'm pretty sure this was the absolute worst stomach flu I have ever had in my life, as I could not keep a thing down or in me.  All of that including excruciating abdominal pain, I pretty much thought I was not long for this world...

Another trip to the doctor Wednesday morning actually landed me in the E.R. to get an I.V. bag of fluid.  Apparently, I was "dry as a bone" according to the doctor.  Once again, David left his class he was already in to come and get me and sit with me for over four hours at the hospital waiting for me to just get to feeling better. 

All week long I stayed in my little cave upstairs at the house so I could be close to the bathroom and out of his way.  The kitties and daytime T.V. kept me company.  But David kept me sane. 

He waited on me hand and foot, getting me cold washcloths when I could barely move, going to get me Pedialite (ugh, which SUCKS by the way) in the middle of the night, and keeping up with the household chores I could not even think about doing this week.

So thank you, to the most caring and generous hubs on the planet.

Not only do you make me a better person, but a much healthier one too :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Visiting the Pseudo Nephews

David and I spent Labor Day weekend in Columbia, South Carolina, visiting Becky and her family.  Her boys, Gus and Cormac, are SO much fun, and I wanted to try and remember everything Gus said over the weekend cause he pretty much cracked me up the entire time...but I may have already forgotten them all...

In an effort to save quite a bit of money, we drove from Stillwater to Dallas/Ft. Worth Thursday around midnight.  The flight left DFW at 7am, so we made it in plenty of time to park the car, take the shuttle to the terminal, get checked in and then wait on the flight.  The two hour flight to Columbia seemed to take foooorrreevver, as I was just so ready to be there, I was about to jump out of my skin.

We finally made it, and an unusually shy Gus met us at the airport with his mom and baby brother, but it didn't take him long to be comfortable around us again and start filling us in on his stories (apparently, he, his brother and his dad are going to grow up and be goats...but not Becky cause she's a girl, and she's "going to have a lot of goats in her house!")

We spent some of that first day at the zoo.

The next day, unfortunately, we slept in...guess we were a little tired from staying up the night before...but we were looking forward to football, beer and Krissy coming down from Virginia to play with us too!

It was a great relaxing day by their pool, watching football and playing with the boys.  (Originally, Cormac was in the front of the wagon and Gus in the back, but Gus had to drive..."Nonononono, Cormac, you're going too fast!"...)

Sunday, we went on a tour of the University of South Carolina's campus.  It was really beautiful, and I was growing increasingly jealous that I didn't get to work on a campus like this one...
Cormac was having some fun scooting a cup along the floor like a car. 

And while Becky's not my real sister (doesn't matter...I still consider her my sister), and her children are not my real nephews, I LOVE hearing Gus call me "Aunt Kelsey."  He was playing with this bug puzzle, and one of the pieces is an ant.  One of the times he was playing with it in the car, he handed me the ant piece and said, "This is you, Aunt Kelsey, cause you're an ant!" 

It was such a fun weekend, and ended much too quickly.  Aunt Kelsey and Uncle David are looking forward to making another trip out there soon.  Maybe I'll remember everything he says then...