Friday, September 17, 2010

Thanks hubs.

This post is specifically to thank my wonderful husband.

I came down with some god-awful stomach virus Monday.  At one point, my temperature spiked at 102.9.  David skipped his Monday afternoon class to take me to the doctor.

The doctor's visit proved nothing (it was Voodoo on campus, what did I expect...), and I was told to just drink plenty of fluids and take Tylenol to get the fever down.

Oh, but then early Tuesday morning happened.  And my stomach decided to turn on me.  Literally.

I'm pretty sure this was the absolute worst stomach flu I have ever had in my life, as I could not keep a thing down or in me.  All of that including excruciating abdominal pain, I pretty much thought I was not long for this world...

Another trip to the doctor Wednesday morning actually landed me in the E.R. to get an I.V. bag of fluid.  Apparently, I was "dry as a bone" according to the doctor.  Once again, David left his class he was already in to come and get me and sit with me for over four hours at the hospital waiting for me to just get to feeling better. 

All week long I stayed in my little cave upstairs at the house so I could be close to the bathroom and out of his way.  The kitties and daytime T.V. kept me company.  But David kept me sane. 

He waited on me hand and foot, getting me cold washcloths when I could barely move, going to get me Pedialite (ugh, which SUCKS by the way) in the middle of the night, and keeping up with the household chores I could not even think about doing this week.

So thank you, to the most caring and generous hubs on the planet.

Not only do you make me a better person, but a much healthier one too :)

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