Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crazy Kitty

This new baby kitty is sure keeping us on our toes...I haven't had a kitten since Allie and that was almost 9 years ago (apparently, she is a "senior" cat now, and I'm in complete denial of that...there's no way my cat is going to be 9 soon and considered elderly by kitty standards...), and I pretty much swore of kittens as they are just into everything all.the.time. 

But then David found Des (aka, "Little Bit").

Little Bit has what we call "crazy time" and this is usually at 7:30 in the morning, around 6 in the evening and then again around 10pm.  It's during crazy time that she (still pretty sure it's a girl...still no confirmation on this as I have yet to make it back to the vet to make sure...) goes nuts sliding all over the wood floors, antagonizing Allie and Baxter, and her new favorite trick...
balancing on top of the chairs.
until falling.  Which isn't too long after attempting to get on top of the chair.

She's definitely a snuggle buddy though and loves to sleep on our chests or laps.  She's starting sleeping with us at night, but it's only in between my pillow and the headboard.  Unless it's storming, and then all of a sudden, we have scared baby kitty on our hands, and she curls up really tight on my neck. 

And when she's done being crazy, she usually passes out somewhere...sometimes, right next to Allie...
and sometimes, Allie doesn't mind.

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The Mills Gang said...

Now all you need is a baby in the mix!!!