Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and 1st Birthdays

Sorry it's been a while...I haven't felt much like blogging lately.  While I love the holidays, I put an insane amount of pressure/stress on myself during this time, trying to finish up the semester, still be somewhat competent at work, and keep my house/checkbook/grocery list/car maintenance/etc. in order.  Not sure how well I'm doing at this point, just really wanting it to be January already...

Thanksgiving was spent getting a giant tour of the metro area in Oklahoma City/Edmond/Yukon as we visited three different family members' homes for was fun, but exhausting and filling, and I envy those that have one dinner, take a nap, watch football, eat leftovers and visit with relatives as opposed to hurrying through dinners just so we can make the other family members' dinner at another house in another suburb of Oklahoma City...but I'm extremely thankful that we have so many relatives that require our presence :)

at my sister and brother-in-law's new house out in Yukon...

Harper likes to smile for the camera.
Austin was using my leg to stand up.
Over the weekend, we also celebrated Harper's 1st birthday (her real birthday is December 3).  She was super fun to watch as she figured out how to open presents, play with only the boxes/bags/tissue paper/ribbons, not want to be dirty as she at her cake, and play with her cousin, Austin.

I love this one of them playing...they play really well together.  Until Austin decides he wants whatever Harper has and takes it from her.  But she doesn't yell or anything, just lets her cousin have it :)
Happy 1st birthday, Harper!   I love being your aunt, and when you don't like your mama when you're about 14 or so, I'll be here for ya :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

At least we know the gender now.

Well, we have confirmation on Little Bit's gender.

She's a she.

And the reason we know this?

She went into heat over the weekend.

She's still really little, so we may have been off on her age. 

(I'm also not comfortable having her spayed until I know for a fact she's over 6 months of age.  She's not going outside or anything, so we just have to get used to the constant talking/chirping at us, rolling around on the floor and moving her back legs really weird-like.  I know she's uncomfortable, and probably confused by all the sudden hormones, but I'm pretty firm in not putting her through major surgery at least for a couple of more months).

We noticed her odd behavior early Saturday morning, and it didn't take me long to figure out the cause.

I told David that I was pretty sure she was in heat.

His response?

"I feel like you just told me our 11 year old daughter just got her first period."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

So conflicted.

David and I are big Thunder basketball fans, being the Oklahoma City kids that we are.

But we also like to root for those teams where our former college athletes are now playing (Dez Bryant with the Cowboys--even though they suck this year; Sam Bradford with the Rams; Tony Allen with the Celtics; and of course, Adrian Peterson and the Vikings...).  But he must've forgot about one that was recently added to this list: Blake Griffin with the LA Clippers.

David turned on the TV just in time last night to catch Griffin score an impressive shot...against the Thunder.

"Oh my gawd, and Griffin is playing...I'm so conflicted, it hurts!"

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time to Design

I have been asked by dear friend Laura Powell to serve as her Matron of Honor in her upcoming wedding, and she asked me to do her save the dates.  So I came up with a few designs for her to choose from:

She chose the orange/tree design, and so I put one of her engagement pictures in it to complete the save the date:
So now we're just working on either printing them as notecards of postcards and completing all of the information she wants on them.

I freaking love doing this kind of stuff.  I have been contemplating for a while now of starting my own graphic design company...just some stuff on the side, such as save the dates or holiday cards or birth announcements.  There are few things I am more passionate about than design, and I would eventually love to do this full-time, but in the meantime, I'll get to work on making it a part-time passion/obsession/money-maker...what better time than now??