Monday, November 8, 2010

At least we know the gender now.

Well, we have confirmation on Little Bit's gender.

She's a she.

And the reason we know this?

She went into heat over the weekend.

She's still really little, so we may have been off on her age. 

(I'm also not comfortable having her spayed until I know for a fact she's over 6 months of age.  She's not going outside or anything, so we just have to get used to the constant talking/chirping at us, rolling around on the floor and moving her back legs really weird-like.  I know she's uncomfortable, and probably confused by all the sudden hormones, but I'm pretty firm in not putting her through major surgery at least for a couple of more months).

We noticed her odd behavior early Saturday morning, and it didn't take me long to figure out the cause.

I told David that I was pretty sure she was in heat.

His response?

"I feel like you just told me our 11 year old daughter just got her first period."

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Johnny said...

At first I thought you were pregnant and talking about your own baby. lol