Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and 1st Birthdays

Sorry it's been a while...I haven't felt much like blogging lately.  While I love the holidays, I put an insane amount of pressure/stress on myself during this time, trying to finish up the semester, still be somewhat competent at work, and keep my house/checkbook/grocery list/car maintenance/etc. in order.  Not sure how well I'm doing at this point, just really wanting it to be January already...

Thanksgiving was spent getting a giant tour of the metro area in Oklahoma City/Edmond/Yukon as we visited three different family members' homes for was fun, but exhausting and filling, and I envy those that have one dinner, take a nap, watch football, eat leftovers and visit with relatives as opposed to hurrying through dinners just so we can make the other family members' dinner at another house in another suburb of Oklahoma City...but I'm extremely thankful that we have so many relatives that require our presence :)

at my sister and brother-in-law's new house out in Yukon...

Harper likes to smile for the camera.
Austin was using my leg to stand up.
Over the weekend, we also celebrated Harper's 1st birthday (her real birthday is December 3).  She was super fun to watch as she figured out how to open presents, play with only the boxes/bags/tissue paper/ribbons, not want to be dirty as she at her cake, and play with her cousin, Austin.

I love this one of them playing...they play really well together.  Until Austin decides he wants whatever Harper has and takes it from her.  But she doesn't yell or anything, just lets her cousin have it :)
Happy 1st birthday, Harper!   I love being your aunt, and when you don't like your mama when you're about 14 or so, I'll be here for ya :)

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Kaylyn said...

I want to be this little so I can have heart-shaped pockets on my jeans and it be okay.

seriously tho, these kiddos are cute.