Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthdays in May.

I answered a phone call from my dad again the other night.  I should have known better.

Me: Hi dad, is everything okay?

Dad: Hello??

Me: Dad.  Can you hear me?

Dad: Yeah, why?

Me: Sigh...never mind.  Is everything okay?  I'm kind of in the middle of something, so I will need to call you back in a little while or tomorrow since it's so late.

Dad: What?  My fan's on and I can't hear you.


Dad: How old is Austin? (Austin is my nephew...his grandson).

Me: Dad, seriously?  I'm busy...18 months.

Dad: When's his birthday? Last month?

Me: Dad...I just told you he is 18 months old.  His birthday is at the end of January.

Dad: It is??  I thought it was in May!


Dad: Who else has a birthday in May?  Somebody does...

Me: Uh, YOU do, Dad.

Dad: Oh that's right!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No. THIS Sunday, Dad.

While I feel slightly guilty about making fun of my dad and I's phone conversations, it's not so guilty that I would not actually DO it...

This call occurred Monday evening.  He called me.

Me: Hi Dad.

Dad: Hi, sweeeetttttiiiimaaajiggggy.  (Dad is on several medications for his COPD, and sometimes, he takes a Lortab...this would be one of those times).

Me: Oh goodness.  Hi.

Dad: Hi there!

Me: Uh, you feeling okay?

Dad: Yup!  Just calling to see how the big move went!

Me: That hasn't happened yet.  This Sunday is when I'm moving everything out of the house to the storage unit.

Dad: Why did you change your mind on when you were moving?

Me: I didn't.

Dad: So then did you get everything moved?

Me:, Dad.  THIS Sunday is when I'm moving.  Not this last Sunday, THIS COMING SUNDAY.

Dad: Oh.  Do you still have stuff to move out?

Me: Yes, Dad, an entire house full of stuff.

Dad: Well, why did you not get it all moved?  Do you not have any help?  Have all your friends moved away or something?

Me: Yes.  Everyone has moved away.  But not me.  Cause I am moving this.coming.Sunday.

Dad: Hope you get some help!  Be sure to buy them beer for helping you move!

Me: Okay, Dad, I'm sure I can find a way to tha...

Dad: So what changed your mind on when to move?!

Me: I'm hanging up now.

Dad: Did I call your work number?  I love you, leeeetttllllewhippppersnnaaaaapppper!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Senile or sense of humor...? Hard to tell.

Actual conversation with my father, on my cell phone about the difference between my work number and cell phone voice mail message on my cell says "You've reached Kelsey from the Daily O'Collegian..."  Apparently, this has left my father quite perplexed...

Uncle Pat: Kelsey?  I'm here with your father, and he is quite confused about which number he calls when he calls you.  Which number is this?

Me: This is my cell phone.  He doesn't have any other number of mine.

Uncle Pat: Well, he seems to think he's calling your work number.  Here, you talk to him.

Dad: KELSEY?!  Where are you right now?

Me: I'm at work right now, dad.

Dad: Well, I need to fix your number in my phone.  I don't know how I got your work number in here...

Me: You don't.  You called my cell number.

Dad: Well, how am I supposed to get a hold of you then?

Me: *facepalm*  Call THIS NUMBER, Dad.

Dad: about I hang up and call you right back, and you tell me what number I called?

Me: have basically already done this.  It's my cell phone, not work.

Dad: Okay, good, I'm going to call you right back and you tell me which number it is.

Me: Shit, fine, dad.

About six minutes later, I called him...

Me: Dad!  I thought you were going to call me right back so I could tell you that you had my cell number in your phone, not my work number??

Dad: Oh, did you want me to do that right now?

Me:  Yes, I did.  I'm at work, I don't have time for this.

Dad: But if you're at work, how are you talking to me right now?

Me: I can't do this.  I'm done.

Dad: I'm going to call you right back, and you tell me if I've called your work number or not.

Me: Dad, it's my cell phone, I promise.

Dad: Well, let me just see.

Again, five minutes pass...and then my cell phone rings...

Dad: Did I call your work number?

Me: No, dad, you called my cell phone.  You have the right number in there.

Dad: Well, let me write down your work number so I have it...

Me: No, dad.  You don't need that.

Dad: Well how am I supposed to get a hold of you when you're at work?


Dad: On your cell number or work phone?

Me: I'm hanging up now.

Dad: Oh good cause Uncle Pat is still here and I need to visit with him instead of talking on the phone.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sponsored by:

My good friend Joey and her husband James are expecting their first baby.  Baby Eva should make her debut here in the next couple of weeks.

As most first-time, expectant parents do, Joey and James attended pregnancy/parenthood classes at our local hospital.

After the first class, James left quite confused.  I'm guessing it was all a little overwhelming for him, as he's never really been around children or babies or...common sense.

One of the topics of discussion that evening was Braxton Hicks.  It was mentioned a few times, and it apparently left James' head spinning.

On the car ride home, he asked his wife, "Who is this Braxton Hicks and why was he mentioned so often? Did he sponsor the class?"

I post this because I know, for a fact, my own husband would have asked the very same question.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Girlie Show: Thank You Cards

So, with all of your help, I narrowed down my Christmas cards to 7 designs to have printed for the Girlie Show (all of course, depending on us getting accepted...).

But now I need to figure out 3 more designs for the table.  I wanted to include some Thank You cards, so if you could, once again, tell me which ones are liked...?  Or none at all, and I need to go back to designing...?

Thank you so much!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Pentagon...just a glorified office building, really.

My trip to Virginia was not exclusively for the NKOTBSB brother and his family also live near D.C., so I was able to spend the rest of the long weekend with them.  And my super adorable niece, Harper.

My brother is a Marine, and he works at the some super secret communications office, and while Matt has extensively told me what he does, I still really don't get it.  I think he just answers the phone and directs the call to the right military big wig.

But that still didn't stop us from going to the Pentagon on a Sunday.  He warned me not to get too excited as he told me, "It's just a glorified office building, really.  I mean, it's cool and all, but not too cool."

Uh, okay.  I had no idea what to expect.  I knew it would be big and confusing, but what I found out that it is REALLY big and REALLY confusing to get around.  I do not know he does it on a daily basis.

This is the Department of Defense hallway...Secretary Gates office door was actually open too, so I peaked in, but I didn't have the balls to take a picture...

 I just really liked this stairwell...only one of these I saw actually.
 This is the Air Force area.  We went this way to take pics for our brother-in-law, Zach (Becky, we got lost and couldn't find the Army area for Pat...)
 This is the Marine area. (Liz and I thought it was prettier than the Air Force one...must be the red walls).
 Hall of Heroes...really beautiful and peaceful room, with all the names of those that have received medals of honor.
 The entrance to my brother's office...this is as far as they'd let us go.  Apparently there are about 3 more security entrances to go through before you even get to his actual office.

All in all, it was cool, but not too cool.  Really is just a glorified office building...

Friday, June 10, 2011


If you knew me in college, you knew of my love for drinking too many beers, standing on a coffee table and singing screaming the words to most every Backstreet Boys song...who are we kidding, I did a perfect rendition of "I Want it that Way." Could pretty much act out the entire video.  With Becky, of course.  And many of you, too...

And if you just happened to have known me in about the 5th through the 7th grade, you knew of my undying affection for Joey McIntire...sigh....

So when it was announced that the New Kids and Backstreet Boys would be touring TOGETHER, I almost cried with joy.  And when my husband bought me a plane ticket to go to Virginia this summer and see the concert with Krissy and Elena, I DID cry with joy.

My mother-in-law even made me a custom t-shirt dress for the occasion.  This would be a night to remember for sure.

So for one night 80,000 females pretended to either be 13, 15 or 22 again...and it was a-may-zing...

As you can tell from the singing along in the videos...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Wow.  So sorry for the completely EMO post from last time...I've had many texts, phone calls, emails and visits from friends, so I guess it did it's job though :)

Things have gotten a little better, but I'm now seriously considering saying to hell with this Masters degree and moving down to Houston in August when our rental house is ready...I'm just not certain this degree is worth it, but I know I will kick myself if I don't finish it when I'm so close to the end already.

But I don't wanna... *whine*

On a completely different note, I've been playing with the iPhone, and took this pic this morning...
I swear, this iPhone takes better pics than my normal camera...

So it keeps me busy while I contemplate moving before December.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


David left for Houston last Thursday.

And I can barely breathe when I think about how long it will be before I see him again.

I used to love being at home alone, catching up on work or chores or just laying on the couch watching the tv shows I know he cannot stand (i.e., Glee, Private Practice, and Grey's Anatomy...).

But I love being with him more, and I find myself crying often during the day.  Or night.  Or just whenever.

I'm pretty much miserable. 

Despite the fact that I am sleeping better than I ever elbowing him in the back in the middle of the night due to his snoring....

I know this is only temporary, I know the time will pass quickly, and I know I will, on some level, just get used to this and move on...

but for the time being, I am in a funk.  And I really miss my husband.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Girlie Show

My friend Addy and I are trying to get into The Girlie Show in November.  It is held at the Farmers Market in Oklahoma City, and it is specifically for women to showcase their creative endeavors...but so many apply to get in each year, it's definitely not a guarantee, so we are thinking that if we did it together, we had a better shot of getting in and getting our stuff seen.  And bought.

I need some help though.  I'm going to do Christmas cards, but I need to know which ones to print and which designs appear to be the most popular, so I can print more of those.

So if you could, just take a sec and let me know which of the following designs are more appealing to you...I'd appreciate it!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OSU Graduate

He may never wrap his arms around his fellow alumni, sway and sing all the correct words to the alma mater.

He may never be able to get that pesky arm "S" down (hint: left hand up...always).

And the color orange?  Yeah, probably never going to wear it again.

But D is an OSU graduate...and that's all I care about!

And in case anyone missed his big interview for the Stillwater Newspress, here it is:

So congrats, hubs!!  Yay!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


The hubs sometimes confuses me. 

He refers to the garbage disposal as the "trash compactor."  

And sometimes, the dishwasher is the "washing machine."

And other times, my "his car."

I'm considering getting a label maker.

Monday, May 2, 2011

And theeeenn??

David and I went to New China Super Buffet on Saturday.  We normally play a game called "Guess the number of morbidly obese people that will be here"'s a fun game, I promise.

But this particular visit, we played a different game.  It was called "Whoa...didn't know you could do that at a restaurant, but whatever..."

Here's what we learned from this game:

1) It is perfectly acceptable to fall asleep at your booth after finishing your meal.

2) When at a buffet, and the item you want is nearly gone, go ahead and elbow the 7 year old out of the need to wait for more sweet and sour chicken.

3) Your belly button itch?  Just go ahead and lift up that shirt and get after it.  The people eating around you won't mind one bit.

Can't wait to go back and see what else this game has in store for us.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Houston, There is No Problem.

We are heading to Houston, Texas!!

I'm so ridiculously excited about this, I can hardly stand it.  David graduates with his second degree in a couple of weeks, and he has been interviewing with several companies for the last few months.  We literally could have wound up anywhere, but he had his sights set on Marathon Oil and Gas in Houston...and we got the call on Friday afternoon that this is going to come true.  He received an offer to be a safety specialist for Marathon Corporate, and he will begin his new career on May 23rd.

We do have friends and family there, so the move will not be without company in our new city.

I do however have to stay through December to finish this Masters degree up.  But to be real honest, if the right job opportunity comes along, I'm out...  :)

So the house will be on the market soon, we're getting David packed up (he will be living with his sister and her husband for a short while until we can nail down a rent house for a while), and I'm cleaning out the house I have somehow managed to stuff full of just crap for the last 4 years...

But we come!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Phi Mu OKC Woman of the Year

Back in about October, my dear friend, Penny Cupp, called to tell me some pretty awesome news: that the Oklahoma City Phi Mu Alumnae Chapter had decided to honor me as the Phi Mu Woman of the Year.

I could not have been more speechless.  And actually, still am.

Last week was the Panhellenic luncheon at the OKC Golf and Country Club honoring all sororities' chosen Women of the Year.  17 total.  (in the picture below, the blonde woman in the purple dress-Sigma Kappa's WOTY-is the mother of a current Phi Mu freshman, Baileigh Means).

I was able to invite family and friends to the event, and one in particular I wanted there, was my Aunt Judy, Pi Phi alumna.
Luckily, I didn't have to say anything when I was presented, but my mom did...
With Judge Swinton (Zeta alumna), her daughter Caitlin Green (she pledged Phi Mu in 2005, and she was always one of my absolute favorite collegiates, me and mom.

All the Phi Mus that came to the event.  I could not have been happier, and I felt so honored these fabulous women came out to support me.
With an impending move out of state looming, I know I will cherish this award and these women for years to come.  Thank you for the honor...

I'm still speechless...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Design Portfolio

For a while now, I know that I have needed to have an online portfolio to showcase my stuff...well, I finally got around to making one here.

So if you get a chance to check it out, let me know what you think...thanks!

Monday, March 28, 2011


D was taking a nap Sunday afternoon...and the littlest pets decided to take one with him.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Photobooth Fun.

I had my computer out, and Gus Gus decided it was time to play "take pictures" again.  So we did.  And Cormac joined in on the fun, as well.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Beer and Chicken Nuggets

Playing "car" with Gus, and we're apparently going to "Old McDonald's" (McDonald's) to get "drinks and stuff."  

He asked me, "Do you want apple juice with your food?"  
Me: "No, I want beer."  
Gus: "They don't have beer at Old McDonald's."  
Me: "But that's what I want to drink."  
Gus:  "With your chicken nuggets?"  
Me: "Yes, with my chicken nuggets." 
Gus: "Then we'll have to go to the beer and chicken nugget store instead."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

South Carolina Visit: Day 1

So I'm currently in South Carolina visiting Becky and her family, and the last time I came, Gus said so many funny things, I couldn't remember them all, so I decided to blog while I was here instead of waiting until I got home (I mean, my computer is here...for thesis work, but whatever...).

On the car ride from the airport to their house, I told Gus I was going to need his opinion on which he then told us that he didn't have a penny.

An audible belch came from Gus while at the dinner table, and Becky reminded him to say "excuse me."  A few minutes later, he said, "Excuse me."  Becky: "Did you burp?"  Gus:  "No.  I tooted!"

Gus and I were taking pictures using Photobooth on my computer:
There were probably around 47 pictures taken (he hand picked the above 3 to "give to mommy, daddy...and Cormac!"), so eventually I had to tell him that the battery was running low on the computer, and we'd have to quit taking pictures.  To which I was then told, "Oh okay, but we're going to play this game in the morning, Aunt Kelsey."  So I'd expect more of these in the coming days if I were you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Something to keep me busy.

A friend of mine recently let me know about  It's a website that allows individuals and companies to post their graphic design needs, and then the designers submit their work to them, allowing even for feedback to the designers, and then a design is chosen...and PAID for.

I cannot believe I am just now finding this site.  But I found it, and so far, I love it.

Right now, there's a contest for sippy cup designs.  And with all the clients' restrictions and requests, I came up with this for a little girl's cup:
Thought it was worth a try to maybe get some extra cash out of doing something I am absolutely in love with doing...

And now on to work on a little boy's cup!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Day at the Omniplex

While Becky and her family were in town, visiting the most awesomest science museum ever was definitely on the agenda.  So with her two boys, Gus and Cormac, additional college friend and former sorority house roommate Laura and her two boys, Carson and Cooper, my nephew Austin and Becky's mom, Cindy, we embarked on the formerly known as Omniplex in Oklahoma City.
That's right...5 little boys.  Two 3 year olds, and three one year olds.  But they were all great, and I think they all had a fun time.

One of the fun new additions to the Omniplex is a super fast and twisty, 3 story slide.  Gus did tell me, "Aunt Kelsey, you need me to go down the slide with you since you're scared of it."  Okay, sure thing.  Thankfully though, that picture of me coming down the slide with him has yet to surface...

Cindy and Becky found the water guns...

All the stroller-bound babies.

Austin really wanted to hold Cormac's hand.

And of course, notice Austin's super cool shirt his mom dressed him that morning :)
And my two cute ring bearers, Carson and Gus, all big now!