Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It's been a rough few months for pets in our house.  We took Baxter in this last summer.  He was my dad's dog, and with my dad's poor health and moving into a nursing home, Baxter needed a new home, as well.  So he came to live with us.

Dad got Baxter from the Edmond Humane Society in 2002.  He was a simple terrier mix, and at the time, I figured him to be about 2-3 years old then. 

So taking him in in the summer of 2010, meant he was probably around 10-11 years old.  Couple his age with the change of moving him from dad and into a different house, and he quickly deteriorated.  His health and general behavior changed so drastically over the last couple of months, I knew it was probably time for us to make a decision about his quality of life.  He was no longer going outside, instead opting to use puppy pads and towels in the spare bedroom, showed very little interest in eating, and drinking water like it was his job.  He often acted as though he no longer knew who we were, and he became very skittish around us, running to his bed in my room to escape us whenever we came around a corner. 

After discussing it with my siblings, David and I took Baxter to vet med on Friday morning.  The doctors there were in agreement with us that it was probably best to end his misery as it was becoming inhumane keeping him the way he currently was. 

So with tears and sobs we said goodbye to the little dude. 

RIP Baxter...you were a good boy, and we thank you for spending your last few months with us. 


The Mills Gang said...

I know how hard that is...poor little guy. But I do believe he is playing, running, and having a blast with The Man upstairs!!

Cindy Siegrist said...

Kelsey-I'm so sorry about Baxter. He lived a good last few years though.