Friday, January 7, 2011

Beer...THEN ice.

A few summers ago, David and I scored tickets to the Indy race at Texas Motor Speedway.  At the time, David lived in the Dallas area, so I drove down from Stillwater and met him at his apartment before heading over to the speedway.

Through numerous phone calls on the drive down, I was assured that David had everything packed and ready to go.  All we needed to do, was put it all in my Escape.

I was close to the exit to his place when my last phone conversation with him ended with him excitedly exclaiming, "Getting ready to put everything in the cooler, so we can go once you get here!"

But when I pulled up to his apartment, I saw something I was not quite expecting.
The cooler was full of ice.  And one would expect that there was beer beneath that ice.
But I saw the half empty case of Miller Lite on the grass next to the cooler. 
He was proud of himself.  And thought I should be too.
He simply could not understand why I was irritated.  So I tried to explain it.

It took him a little while to understand that it actually is much much simplier to put the beer in first, THEN put the ice on top of it.  When I pulled up, he was actually shoving beers, one at a time, through the ice in an attempt to put them in the cooler at all.

Years later even, when packing up the cooler for tailgates or a trip to the lake, I make sure I put the beer and ice in the the correct order.


Heather said...

Yes...MSPaint makes this so much better! The excitement on his animated face is perfect!

Lindsay T said...

This turned out GREAT! I especially love the last drawing with the side mouth, so funny!

cybermutiny said...

Looks like your dude is a genius! You should consider posting some of your MS Paint art at Paint Avant-Garde.