Monday, February 28, 2011

Couples Shower

We had a couples shower this weekend for our friends, Laura and Adam.  It was at her parents lake house at Tenkiller, and I jump at the opportunity to spend any time there at all as I find it to be one of the most peaceful (well, when the lake folk aren't running around half lit off of 2 dozen Miller Lites...) places on earth.  With it being February, I obviously wasn't going to be on the water, but the chance to sit on the back deck at the lake house is just as great to me.

David had to work, so he was not able to go with me.  It's a good two hour drive from our house, and I knew it would be in my best interest to go ahead and just stay the night there, and return home on Sunday.  It definitely would have been more fun had he been able to go, but it was still a fun time.

When I got home yesterday, David inquired about all of the guests, what kind of food was there, etc...and then...he asked me, "So did the couple get a lot of raunchy gifts?"


"Well, it was a couples shower, right?  So that means gifts for the couple to use in the bedroom.  I bet that was awkward with all the parents there."

He was dead serious.  I'm guessing the blank look on my face gave it away because he next said, "Oh...that's not right?"

No, honey.

You'd think he would remember that WE had a couples shower before our wedding, and there was no raunchy gifts there...just lots of alcohol since it was a stock the bar party.

Guess it's been too long (or too many drinks) since then...

Friday, February 25, 2011

He's not gay, I swear.

We probably won't be in Stillwater, America for too much longer.  David graduates with his 2nd degree in May, and while I won't be done with my 3rd and final degree until December, he has been interviewing like crazy with companies that have positions available in Houston, Ft. Worth, San Antonio...and North Dakota.

Ugh.  I hate the cold.  But it would only be temporary and great stepping stone for David in this particular company, one in which he would really love to work. 

Again though, I'm not done until that means I'll be hanging around here for about 6 months without a husband. 

But there's a strong possibility that I won't be lonely.  If the Phi Mu house doesn't find a new house mom soon, I'll fill in for the fall semester until they find one.  (financially, this would be excellent...mentally, probably not...)  But the two cats and tiny dog can't come with me.

So they will have to go with David.

To North Dakota...or wherever we wind up.

And as Becky pointed out to me, David will have to answer many questions about this living arrangement..."Sooooooo, you have two cats and a teacup Yorkie...and you're 'wife' lives in a sorority house in another state...riiiiight."

Thursday, February 24, 2011

(Super) Nova

We were asked to dog sit a teacup Yorkie, weighing no more than 3.2 pounds, last week by my "stepmom" Kathy (explaining who Kathy is to me would require a whole new post, so we'll just leave it for now with stepmom in quotes...).  Nova, was originally found in the California desert by my brother and sister-in-law.  He's tiny.  Smaller than a guinea pig.  And our cats.  Even Little Bit.

My brother left Nova with Kathy (his mom...see how confusing my family can get sometimes?) when they moved to Virginia.  Nova and Kathy never really bonded, and she saw him more as just that little thing that requires food and water sometimes.

So when she asked us to watch him while she went to visit in Virginia, I knew what was probably going to happen...David, my husband with a bleeding heart, would fall in love with him because he so desperately wants a dog, he won't care that it really isn't a dog cause it's too small to be a dog, but whatever...

And that's exactly what happened. 

So with an enthusiastic "Sure!!" from Kathy via text message, (Super) Nova is ours.  Or I should say, David's.

Allie has mostly ignored him, and Little Bit has decided he's a toy for her enjoyment.  I've pulled her off of him multiple times cause I'm so afraid she'll eventually hurt him, but it's still rather funny when she tries to tackle him.  (read: I hope to get this on video at some point...)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Design Stuff

Earlier this week, sorority sister, Ticey, put me in touch with a potential client...after looking at the designs the bride-to-be liked the most from Askew Designs, I seriously got the inspiration bug...and just went a little nuts making stuff...

It's definitely a different style for me, but I had so much fun doing these, it just may become what defintes my style best.

I'm currently working on getting an etsy store up and running, so I can do custom orders, so once I have that all figured out, I shall pass on the info!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So there were no dramatic occurrences while we took care of the nephew, Austin.  But he did wear us the hell out.  And showed us how our home, despite every effort we made prior to his arrival on Friday, is not for toddlers.  Wobbly walking ones too with all these wood floors and tile.  I feared for his life every time he took a step.

Austin's always been a great baby, and while I had him on my own Friday night, I was not anticipating having any problems.  We only had one blow out gross diaper (what is it with kids wanting to stand up and run away once the diaper is off but you haven't had a chance to really wipe everything away??  Another good reason I don't have carpet, I guess...)  but around bedtime, he wasn't having it.  I pride myself on getting babies to sleep, especially ones related to me, and getting him to sleep wasn't really the was when I went to lay him down.  And he'd wake up.  Screaming.bloody.murder.

This was ongoing for about an hour and a half.

Once I finally got him to sleep, I quickly realized how my 50 year old home with wood floors and a chiming-every-15-minutes-grandfather clock was SO.LOUD.  I barely slept as I was so worried he'd wake up at any moment (which he did a couple of times, but it didn't take long to get him asleep again).

How do you moms do this??  I couldn't take my eyes off him for a second or he had his fingers in a light socket in the dining room...

David got his turn alone with him Saturday.  But he didn't have any gross diapers, nor did he have any problems getting him down for his nap.

But all in all, it was a fun 24 hours.  Every time he saw Lil Bit, he'd start waving and clapping his hands with excitement.  We also entertained ourselves with the camera on my computer...

Maybe we should stick with cats for the time being...they don't wear me out as easily!