Friday, February 25, 2011

He's not gay, I swear.

We probably won't be in Stillwater, America for too much longer.  David graduates with his 2nd degree in May, and while I won't be done with my 3rd and final degree until December, he has been interviewing like crazy with companies that have positions available in Houston, Ft. Worth, San Antonio...and North Dakota.

Ugh.  I hate the cold.  But it would only be temporary and great stepping stone for David in this particular company, one in which he would really love to work. 

Again though, I'm not done until that means I'll be hanging around here for about 6 months without a husband. 

But there's a strong possibility that I won't be lonely.  If the Phi Mu house doesn't find a new house mom soon, I'll fill in for the fall semester until they find one.  (financially, this would be excellent...mentally, probably not...)  But the two cats and tiny dog can't come with me.

So they will have to go with David.

To North Dakota...or wherever we wind up.

And as Becky pointed out to me, David will have to answer many questions about this living arrangement..."Sooooooo, you have two cats and a teacup Yorkie...and you're 'wife' lives in a sorority house in another state...riiiiight."

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