Thursday, February 24, 2011

(Super) Nova

We were asked to dog sit a teacup Yorkie, weighing no more than 3.2 pounds, last week by my "stepmom" Kathy (explaining who Kathy is to me would require a whole new post, so we'll just leave it for now with stepmom in quotes...).  Nova, was originally found in the California desert by my brother and sister-in-law.  He's tiny.  Smaller than a guinea pig.  And our cats.  Even Little Bit.

My brother left Nova with Kathy (his mom...see how confusing my family can get sometimes?) when they moved to Virginia.  Nova and Kathy never really bonded, and she saw him more as just that little thing that requires food and water sometimes.

So when she asked us to watch him while she went to visit in Virginia, I knew what was probably going to happen...David, my husband with a bleeding heart, would fall in love with him because he so desperately wants a dog, he won't care that it really isn't a dog cause it's too small to be a dog, but whatever...

And that's exactly what happened. 

So with an enthusiastic "Sure!!" from Kathy via text message, (Super) Nova is ours.  Or I should say, David's.

Allie has mostly ignored him, and Little Bit has decided he's a toy for her enjoyment.  I've pulled her off of him multiple times cause I'm so afraid she'll eventually hurt him, but it's still rather funny when she tries to tackle him.  (read: I hope to get this on video at some point...)

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