Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Day at the Omniplex

While Becky and her family were in town, visiting the most awesomest science museum ever was definitely on the agenda.  So with her two boys, Gus and Cormac, additional college friend and former sorority house roommate Laura and her two boys, Carson and Cooper, my nephew Austin and Becky's mom, Cindy, we embarked on the formerly known as Omniplex in Oklahoma City.
That's right...5 little boys.  Two 3 year olds, and three one year olds.  But they were all great, and I think they all had a fun time.

One of the fun new additions to the Omniplex is a super fast and twisty, 3 story slide.  Gus did tell me, "Aunt Kelsey, you need me to go down the slide with you since you're scared of it."  Okay, sure thing.  Thankfully though, that picture of me coming down the slide with him has yet to surface...

Cindy and Becky found the water guns...

All the stroller-bound babies.

Austin really wanted to hold Cormac's hand.

And of course, notice Austin's super cool shirt his mom dressed him that morning :)
And my two cute ring bearers, Carson and Gus, all big now!


Ashley said...

Was there a lot to do for one year olds? I've been trying to decide if the boys are old enough to go yet or not.

Kelsey Johnston Nuckolls said...

Honestly, Ashley, no. There's a small area for smaller ones, but I'd wait until your boys are a bit older before taking them there, as it's just not really meant for anyone younger than about 4.

Ashley said...