Wednesday, March 16, 2011

South Carolina Visit: Day 1

So I'm currently in South Carolina visiting Becky and her family, and the last time I came, Gus said so many funny things, I couldn't remember them all, so I decided to blog while I was here instead of waiting until I got home (I mean, my computer is here...for thesis work, but whatever...).

On the car ride from the airport to their house, I told Gus I was going to need his opinion on which he then told us that he didn't have a penny.

An audible belch came from Gus while at the dinner table, and Becky reminded him to say "excuse me."  A few minutes later, he said, "Excuse me."  Becky: "Did you burp?"  Gus:  "No.  I tooted!"

Gus and I were taking pictures using Photobooth on my computer:
There were probably around 47 pictures taken (he hand picked the above 3 to "give to mommy, daddy...and Cormac!"), so eventually I had to tell him that the battery was running low on the computer, and we'd have to quit taking pictures.  To which I was then told, "Oh okay, but we're going to play this game in the morning, Aunt Kelsey."  So I'd expect more of these in the coming days if I were you.

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