Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Houston, There is No Problem.

We are heading to Houston, Texas!!

I'm so ridiculously excited about this, I can hardly stand it.  David graduates with his second degree in a couple of weeks, and he has been interviewing with several companies for the last few months.  We literally could have wound up anywhere, but he had his sights set on Marathon Oil and Gas in Houston...and we got the call on Friday afternoon that this is going to come true.  He received an offer to be a safety specialist for Marathon Corporate, and he will begin his new career on May 23rd.

We do have friends and family there, so the move will not be without company in our new city.

I do however have to stay through December to finish this Masters degree up.  But to be real honest, if the right job opportunity comes along, I'm out...  :)

So the house will be on the market soon, we're getting David packed up (he will be living with his sister and her husband for a short while until we can nail down a rent house for a while), and I'm cleaning out the house I have somehow managed to stuff full of just crap for the last 4 years...

But we come!


The Mills Gang said...

Yeah!! We will have to meet in the middle and have a date!!

Lou Ann said...

Congratulations Kelsey and David! That is super exciting!! I think you all will enjoy Houston!!