Monday, May 2, 2011

And theeeenn??

David and I went to New China Super Buffet on Saturday.  We normally play a game called "Guess the number of morbidly obese people that will be here"'s a fun game, I promise.

But this particular visit, we played a different game.  It was called "Whoa...didn't know you could do that at a restaurant, but whatever..."

Here's what we learned from this game:

1) It is perfectly acceptable to fall asleep at your booth after finishing your meal.

2) When at a buffet, and the item you want is nearly gone, go ahead and elbow the 7 year old out of the need to wait for more sweet and sour chicken.

3) Your belly button itch?  Just go ahead and lift up that shirt and get after it.  The people eating around you won't mind one bit.

Can't wait to go back and see what else this game has in store for us.

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