Wednesday, May 25, 2011


David left for Houston last Thursday.

And I can barely breathe when I think about how long it will be before I see him again.

I used to love being at home alone, catching up on work or chores or just laying on the couch watching the tv shows I know he cannot stand (i.e., Glee, Private Practice, and Grey's Anatomy...).

But I love being with him more, and I find myself crying often during the day.  Or night.  Or just whenever.

I'm pretty much miserable. 

Despite the fact that I am sleeping better than I ever elbowing him in the back in the middle of the night due to his snoring....

I know this is only temporary, I know the time will pass quickly, and I know I will, on some level, just get used to this and move on...

but for the time being, I am in a funk.  And I really miss my husband.

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Heather said...

You have every right to have those feelings!! I hope you get to see him soon! LIOB