Thursday, June 30, 2011

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My good friend Joey and her husband James are expecting their first baby.  Baby Eva should make her debut here in the next couple of weeks.

As most first-time, expectant parents do, Joey and James attended pregnancy/parenthood classes at our local hospital.

After the first class, James left quite confused.  I'm guessing it was all a little overwhelming for him, as he's never really been around children or babies or...common sense.

One of the topics of discussion that evening was Braxton Hicks.  It was mentioned a few times, and it apparently left James' head spinning.

On the car ride home, he asked his wife, "Who is this Braxton Hicks and why was he mentioned so often? Did he sponsor the class?"

I post this because I know, for a fact, my own husband would have asked the very same question.


leny g said...

Nice post

Mridul Ghosh said...

It appears he is a simple man. Please don't get angry on him.

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