Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No. THIS Sunday, Dad.

While I feel slightly guilty about making fun of my dad and I's phone conversations, it's not so guilty that I would not actually DO it...

This call occurred Monday evening.  He called me.

Me: Hi Dad.

Dad: Hi, sweeeetttttiiiimaaajiggggy.  (Dad is on several medications for his COPD, and sometimes, he takes a Lortab...this would be one of those times).

Me: Oh goodness.  Hi.

Dad: Hi there!

Me: Uh, you feeling okay?

Dad: Yup!  Just calling to see how the big move went!

Me: That hasn't happened yet.  This Sunday is when I'm moving everything out of the house to the storage unit.

Dad: Why did you change your mind on when you were moving?

Me: I didn't.

Dad: So then did you get everything moved?

Me:, Dad.  THIS Sunday is when I'm moving.  Not this last Sunday, THIS COMING SUNDAY.

Dad: Oh.  Do you still have stuff to move out?

Me: Yes, Dad, an entire house full of stuff.

Dad: Well, why did you not get it all moved?  Do you not have any help?  Have all your friends moved away or something?

Me: Yes.  Everyone has moved away.  But not me.  Cause I am moving this.coming.Sunday.

Dad: Hope you get some help!  Be sure to buy them beer for helping you move!

Me: Okay, Dad, I'm sure I can find a way to tha...

Dad: So what changed your mind on when to move?!

Me: I'm hanging up now.

Dad: Did I call your work number?  I love you, leeeetttllllewhippppersnnaaaaapppper!


The Buxton's said...

One year my mom did all her Christmas shopping after she took a Lortab...very interesting gifts that year! Hope all goes well with the move THIS Sunday:)

Jenn said...

"Did I call your work number?" Hahahahahaha!!! Once again, I'm in stitches.

Fabiana :) said...

OMG too funny

Holly said...

I stumbled upon your blog and read the phone conversations between your dad and you - Brilliant! You should do a blog just on those hilareous! My grandad told my dad about this amazing shop where everyhthing was a £ and it 'must' be because it is closing down, so before they sold out all their stock he bought, hammers, nails, glue, etc, etc. He went back everyday to buy more stuff and it turned out to be a 99p shop!

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Chaix's Blog said...

Oh My Gosh I love your dad he's hilarious. and if you could follow me on my blog thanks.

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ชื่อที่แสดง said...

One year my mom did all her Christmas shopping after she took a Lortab...very interesting gifts that year! Hope all goes well with the move THIS Sunday:)