The Roster

That's me...Kelsey.
Avid and slightly ridiculously obsessed fan of the Oklahoma State Cowboys (football and basketball and sometimes even wrestling and equestrian).  I graduated in 2001 from OSU, and then went on to get my Masters from...sigh...that other university in the state of Oklahoma...OU.  (in my defense, I often wore orange or OSU paraphenelia on campus just to show those Sooners that I was not one of them...nor will ever be...).  I graduated from OU in 2004, and I then went back to work at OSU as the advertising director of the greatest collegiate newspaper in the country...the Daily O'Collegian.  Been here ever since.  I love my job as I get to shape and be shaped by some amazing college kids.  I do quite a bit of graphic design work also, and my dream one day is to be able to do some freelance work on a full-time basis.  Sometime in the last six years, I decided it would be a good idea to give up my weekends and evenings and all sanity left in my head, and I began a doctorate in higher education/mass communication, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, I found myself actually pursuing another master's degree...this one in mass communications.  I will be done in December 2011.  Should I then call myself Master Master Kelsey?  I think so.

That's the hubs...David.
Avid and slightly ridiculously obsessed fan of the evil empire of the University of Oklahoma Sooners...yes, we are a divided household, and that gets real interesting one Saturday each November, where one of us (usually me) won't speak to the other for at least 24 hours after the game.  (While D is the biggest OU fan I know, he actually GRADUATED from OU, which is much different than other OU fans...).  He loves Tuna Helper, chips and salsa, and Totino's party pizzas.  He also is a bit of a beer snob, and he will drive 45 minutes out of the way just to "hit up this liquor store that's supposed to have XYZ beer..."  (He's now on a first name basis with Calvin, the owner of the Barn in Stillwater, who special orders David beers that no one else in town carries...).  He's a huge baseball fan (as is evident from the picture with Mickey Mantle's plaque at Yankee Stadium), and he played all through high school and some college.  D's working on a 2nd degree from OSU (yay!) and will be done in May 2011.

This is...Us.
We met in 7th grade at Hefner Junior High in Oklahoma City.  At a dance in the gym.  Seriously.  He asked me to dance, then asked me to be his girlfriend.  And then four days later, I decided I wasn't ready to be tied down and someone's ball and chain, so I told Jason Manning to tell David in gym class that I was breaking up with him.  We did, unlike so many other junior high romances, remain friends.

Years later, with the help of myspace, we reconnected and I quickly saw what I had been missing all these years since the 7th grade...on March 1, 2008, David asked me to dance in our living room.  And told me that I was the first girl he had ever danced with, and that I was to be the last also.  Shaking on one knee, he then asked me to marry him.  We were married June 27, 2009.

This is...Allie.
She's been my fur-baby since June 2003.  While a bit of a bitch sometimes, she's very cuddly and vocal.  And has to be brushed at least once a week or I have rabbit-sized dust bunnies in the hallway.

This is...Tatumbell.
He showed up on my porch one cool spring night in 2007...and has been ours ever since.  I blogged about him here.  He's really a great addition to our little family.

We lost Tatumbell to a mediastinal mass in his thoracic cavity, most likely due to his feline leukemia, on May 31, 2010.  RIP sweet boy. 

This is...Baxter.
He is originally my dad's dog, but has come to live with us.  He's pretty much a fuzzy piece of furniture, rarely barks, sleeps quite often, but still greets us when we come home.

We lost Baxter January 14, 2011...he had lost the sense of whom we were, no longer recognizing us and often getting "stuck" behind furniture forgetting how to get out...he had long been acting differently, and unfortunately, we had to make the decision that pet owners dread like no one's business...his quality of life had diminished drastically, and thankfully, we were able to give him a wonderful last few months. He will be missed.

This is...Little Bit.
David rescued Little Bit from the white trash neighbors in late August 2010.  The neighbors had moved, and they left this sweet little thing to basically die on their front porch.  Since losing Tatumbell, David cannot stand to see a cat need help, so he quickly went into rescue mode and coerced this kitty onto our porch with much needed food and water.  Soon after, she was inside and getting used to our family.  Didn't take long either.